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Title Tags Classifications Departments
Person packed font file Matt Castle Latency, Infection, Simulation, Epidemiology, Dynamics, Host-pathogen interactions, Persistence Postdoctoral Scientists Plant Sciences
Person packed font file Dr Andrew James Kerr Conlan Latency, Evolution, Ecology, Public Health, Computational modelling, Simulation, Epidemiology, Tuberculosis, Bacteriology, Dynamics, Campylobacter, Persistence Principal Investigators Veterinary Medicine
Person packed font file Lars Dölken Latency, Herpes simplex virus, Immunology, Viral pathogenicity, Molecular Biology, Virology, Cytomegalovirus, Signalling, Persistence Principal Investigators Medicine
Person packed font file Professor John Sinclair Latency, Molecular Biology, Cytomegalovirus, Pathogenesis, AIDS, Host-pathogen interactions Principal Investigators Medicine