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Title Tags Classifications Departments
Specialty Information content_reference Genomics, Mathematical modelling, MRSA, Translational Microbiology, Infection, Epidemiology, Computational modelling, Bacteriology, Disease vectors Graduate Students Medicine, Translational Microbiology Partners
Person packed font file Matt Castle Latency, Infection, Simulation, Epidemiology, Dynamics, Host-pathogen interactions, Persistence Postdoctoral Scientists Plant Sciences
Person packed font file Pietro Cicuta Malaria, Infection, Gene regulation, Bacteriology, Salmonella, Genome packaging, Macrophage Principal Investigators Physics
Person packed font file Dr. Anaid Diaz Evolution, Ecology, Molecular epidemiology, Pathogen evolution, Infection, Epidemiology, Dynamics Postdoctoral Researchers Veterinary Medicine
Person packed font file Tim Downing Genomics, Evolution, Genetics, Leishmania, Public Health, Infection, Simulation, Epidemiology, Bioinformatics, Sequencing, Immune evasion, Host-pathogen interac... Postdoctoral Scientists Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Person packed font file Dr. Judith M. Fonville Evolution, Antigenic Cartography, Immune evasion, Vaccine Development, Public Health, Virology, Infection, Influenza, Bioinformatics, Dengue Fever, Immunology, ... Postdoctoral Researchers Zoology
Person packed font file Sarah James Evolution, Antigenic Cartography, Genetics, Mathematical modelling, Virology, Public Health, Pathogen evolution, Structural Biology, Computational modelling, RN... Other members Zoology
Person packed font file Dr Anne L'Hernault Molecular Biology, Infection, HIV, Structural Biology Postdoctoral Scientists Medicine
Person packed font file Pietro Mastroeni Immunology, Pathogenesis, Innate Immunity, Infection, Toll-like receptors, T-Cell, Zoonoses, Inflammation, Bacteriology, Typhoid fever, Host-pathogen interactio... Principal Investigators Veterinary Medicine
Person packed font file Dr Olivier Restif Evolution, Ecology, Immune evasion, Salmonella, Typhoid fever, Computational modelling, Simulation, Epidemiology, Virulence, Infection, Immunology, Host-pathoge... Principal Investigators Veterinary Medicine
Person packed font file Jiro Sakai Immunology, Molecular Biology, Signalling, Infection, Transcriptomics, Salmonella, Host-pathogen interactions, Macrophage Graduate Students Veterinary Medicine
Person packed font file Saeed Seyedmohammad Signal Transduction, Immunology, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology, Chronic infection, Virology, Pathogen evolution, Infection, T-Cell, Pathogenesis, Bacteriology... Graduate Students Pharmacology
Person packed font file Dr John Wright Genomics, Molecular Biology, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Infection, Inflammation, Host-pathogen interactions, Campylobacter, Macrophage Postdoctoral Researchers Veterinary Medicine