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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

CID activities for the term are back with a new edition of the Early Career Researchers’ Symposium.

This will be the afternoon of the 7th December, from 2 to 5.30pm, at the PostDoc Centre at Eddington.

As last year, this event is targeted to ECRs, and it is a great opportunity for presenting your work to your peers and discussing advice or suggestions.

This year, the topic for the symposium is ‘Methodologies for infectious diseases research’.

We would like to give you the chance - or the challenge! - to shift the focus of your presentation to the methods you use daily in your research, in contrast to the common presentation where the results are the main character. We would love to know about questions such as why you use that method and not another one; what are the physics underlying your experimental device; or what your model variables represent and what changes if you don’t include them.

You should take into account the variety of backgrounds in CID: focus on the basics of your method and explain it to a non-expert audience.

There will be selected talks and poster presentations, followed by drinks and snacks. This event will be in person only. 

If you would like to attend, the deadline for registration is 3rd December. We are still accepting abstracts for poster presentations.



Introduction (14.00 - 14.10)

14.10 Charlie Webb (Engineering): ‘Measuring the single-cell kinetics of phage infection steps in bacteria’

14.25 Gordon Srivajan (Biochemistry): ‘The application of single chain variable fragment antibodies (scFv’s) to infectious disease research with therapeutic potential’

14.40 Dr David Pascall (MRC BSU): ‘Combining pathogen genetics and patient records for real-time detection of nosocomial transmission’

Break (14.55 - 15.25)

15.25 Elin Falla (Plant Sciences): ‘Mathematical modelling of non-persistently transmitted plant viruses: the importance of incorporating aphid vector feeding behaviours in the model methodology’

15.40 Dr Sebastian Bruchmann (Veterinary Medicine): ‘Dual RNA-seq to study Host-Pathogen-Interactions’

15.55 CLOSING TALK by Dr John Lees (EMBL-EBI): ‘How to be a software engineer and a researcher at the same time’

Poster Session, incl. pizza&drinks (16.10 - 17.30)


Please use this form both for registration and abstract submission (poster only):