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Advice and guidance

The amount of information about COVID-19 and the speed at which is it circulating, can make it very challenging and confusing to disentangle and determine what is fact, what is relevant to you and what you need to be doing. These websites below will guide you in the right direction, providing advice, guidance and the most recent announcements to keep pace with the rapidly evolving situation. 


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Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus

This website has information and guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease, including a comprehensive Q&A section and general advice for the public. The directing and coordinating authority on intentional health has characterised COVID-19 as a pandemic (a pandemic is declared when a new disease for which people do not have immunity spreads around the world beyond expectations). small

Public Health England: Latest information and advice

Public Health England is providing detailed information on the current situation in the UK and the government response (found here). For more detailed travel advice, see updates and for all guidance (health professionals and non-clinical setttings) click here.

Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can't do


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NHS Advice and Overview.




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