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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Allyson Walsh

Dr Allyson Walsh

Alumni: Leaving 31 October 2019

Interdisciplinary Research Centre Coordinator, Cambridge Infectious Diseases

Departments and Institutes

Veterinary Medicine:
IRC Coordinator, Cambridge Infectious Diseases

Research Interests

Ecology of zoonotic diseases and wildlife vectors; wildlife conservation reintroduction biology.


  • Immunology
  • Ecology
  • Bats


  • Zoonoses
  • Disease vectors

Key Publications

1. Jonathan H. Epstein, Michelle L. Baker, Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio, Deborah Middleton, Jennifer A. Barr, Edward DuBovi, Victoria Boyd, Brian Pope, Shawn Todd, Gary Crameri, Allyson Walsh, Katey Pelican, Mark Fielder, Angela Davies, Lin-Fa Wang,, and Peter Daszak. 2013. Duration of Maternal Antibodies Against Hendra Virus and Canine Distemper Virus in Pteropid Bats. PLOS ONE, Vol. 8:6. e67584

2. Kepler, T.B., Sample C., Hudak, K., Roach, J., Haines, A., Walsh, A., and Elizabeth A. Ramsburg. 2010. Chiropteran Types I and II interferon genes inferred from genome sequencing traces by a statistical gene-family assembler.  BMC Genomics 11: 444.