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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

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Interdisciplinary Research Support Services

last modified Apr 27, 2018 02:53 PM

CID can provide collaborative research development support to academics and graduates working on Interdisciplinary Infectious Diseases Research across the University.

Please get in touch using the form below or by email to discuss funding opportunities, for administrative help with bids/meetings, or in finding new collaborators and establishing partnerships.

 Cross CID Engagement Form

Cambridge Infectious Diseases IRC offers a platform for  you to connect with network members thru different types of collaborative joint ventures:

Joint Ownership Co-designing and co-implementing, where collaborators share in the responsibility and buy in.
  • Co-creation of grant applications to match funding calls where an interdisciplinary approach is  required or provides added value 
Partnership Forming longer term interactions based on shared goals, decision-making and resource contributions
  • Global alliances
  • Consortia development/membership
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Joint events 
Coordination Systematic adjustment to align work for greater outcomes and/or less duplication of effort
  • Joint knowledge sharing and strategic grant planning among network members
  • Working groups
Information Exchange Basic communication to share or elicit information
  • News sharing on web site 
  • Newsletter - termly-  research news, publications, grant calls.
  • E-update every 2 weeks - seminars, events, jobs, grant calls
  • Email 
Convening Creating opportunities for and facilitating connections among network members to enable their further engagement
  • Hosting conferences
  • Design /logistics/hosting of workshops
  • Match-making and making introductions for new partnerships
Consultation As-needed interaction/administrative support on a specific grant document, process or activity to get input/support, feedback or advice
  • Grant application administrative input (Meetings/coordination, X5, Pathways to Impact)
  • 1:1 interviews
  • Small focus groups
  • Horizon scanning/ brainstorming sessions


There are an increasing number of institutional grants, funding calls, and research funds that require facilitation and coordination to maximise their benefit to the University. The Research Strategy Office oversees such calls, grants and funds in a number of cases, and funding support is available thru the University for large bid preparation.

'Restricted' calls: Funding opportunities that limit institutional applications, offer small numbers of awards, or are required by the funder/sponsor to be internally coordinated are usually managed by the Research Strategy Office. For further details and for all current 'restricted' calls, see the 'Restricted' Calls pages.

Internal funding opportunities: A number of internal calls for funding and research funds awarded directly to the University are also coordinated by the Research Strategy Office. For information on internal funding opportunities that are currently administered by the Office, see the Internal Funding Opportunity pages

Interdisciplinary grants: The Research Strategy Office will also sometimes provide assistance on large interdisciplinary grant applications for which a measure of coordination will maximise the chance of success. In addition, the Research Strategy Office administers a Research Policy Committee scheme that provides financial support for the preparation of large cross-School funding bids. For further information, click on our page for Funding for Large bid preparation or see the Support for Large Bid Preparation websites 

We place major RCUK and other calls on our Open Funding Calls page. This list is regularly updated but is of selected key opportunities.

In addition, we have set up a link for you to browse a live view of  broader range of funding opportunities linked to infectious diseases research both below and on the Live Feed - Research Professional page

CUDAR The Cambridge University Development and Alumni Relations Office (CUDAR) are involved in fundraising for major gifts for academic priorities across the University. If you feel your project may be suitable, you should discuss your Head of Department in the first instance about whether CUDAR could be of assistance.

Key Links

Pathways to Policy Impact: The Centre for Science and Policy (CSap) is now offering support in writing the ‘Pathways to Impact’ section of grant proposals, helping you explore the policy implications of your research and connecting you to policy makers to increase the impact of your work. CSaP can use its thriving network of Policy Fellows and established ways of bringing together policy makers and academics to help your research achieve policy impact.