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University Funding

University of Cambridge Funding Opportunities, Information and Links

There are an increasing number of institutional grants, funding calls, and research funds that require facilitation and coordination to maximise their benefit to the University. The Research Strategy Office oversees such calls, grants and funds in a number of cases, and funding support is available thru the University for large bid preparation.

'Restricted' calls: Funding opportunities that limit institutional applications, offer small numbers of awards, or are required by the funder/sponsor to be internally coordinated are usually managed by the Research Strategy Office. For further details and for all current 'restricted' calls, see the 'Restricted' Calls pages.

Internal funding opportunities: A number of internal calls for funding and research funds awarded directly to the University are also coordinated by the Research Strategy Office. For information on internal funding opportunities that are currently administered by the Office, see the Internal Funding Opportunity pages

Interdisciplinary grants: The Research Strategy Office will also sometimes provide assistance on large interdisciplinary grant applications for which a measure of coordination will maximise the chance of success. In addition, the Research Strategy Office administers a Research Policy Committee scheme that provides financial support for the preparation of large cross-School funding bids. For further information, click on our page for Funding for Large bid preparation or see the Support for Large Bid Preparation websites 

CID places major relevant RCUK /other calls on our Open Funding Calls page. This list is regularly updated but is selected key opportunities.

In addition, we have set up a link for you to browse a live view of  broader range of funding opportunities linked to infectious diseases research both below and on the Research Professional Feed page

CUDAR The Cambridge University Development and Alumni Relations Office (CUDAR) are involved in fundraising for major gifts for academic priorities across the University. If you feel your project may be suitable, you should discuss your Head of Department in the first instance about whether CUDAR could be of assistance.

Pathways to Policy Impact: The Centre for Science and Policy (CSap) is now offering support in writing the ‘Pathways to Impact’ section of grant proposals, helping you explore the policy implications of your research and connecting you to policy makers to increase the impact of your work. CSaP can use its thriving network of Policy Fellows and established ways of bringing together policy makers and academics to help your research achieve policy impact.

 University Research Support Links

University Funding Applications - New Rules 01 October 2018

Cambridge University researchers are advised that from the 1 October 2018 there is a new policy for submission of grants applications through the Research Operations Office (ROO). Applications will need to be submitted to ROO at least 5 working days before the funder submission deadline (including those due on 1 October). Further information can be found here (RAVEN access required). If you have questions please contact



UoC - Bid Preparation Funds

Cross-disciplinary research themes and funding calls, often addressing global challenges through large-scale collaborative efforts, are an increasing part of the research and funding landscape. In responding to such calls, complex and high-value proposals often need to be put together within a short time-frame and in an increasingly competitive environment.

The preparation large bids places a considerable burden on individuals and the University. In order to maximise the chance of success and optimise the use of limited resources, it is clear that we need to be selective in what we bid for and to provide appropriate central support for bid preparation and co-ordination where necessary.

A Cambridge University Central Administered Fund has therefore been established under the stewardship of the Research Policy Committee (RPC) to consider requests for resources to enable the preparation of large collaborative bids. Applications must demonstrate strong academic leadership with clear goals, and involve researchers from at least two Schools.

The support offered by the Fund is flexible according to the needs of individual proposals. For guidance, an allocation of around £10k may be made to individual applications, although the sum available will depend on the value and nature of the bid. The kinds of activity that may be funded include:

  • Expenses related to convening collaborators, holding workshops and creating bid materials;
  • Short-term support for bid facilitation, consultancy fees, project management or administration;
  • Website creation or development.

Applications will be reviewed by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and two Heads of School, acting on behalf of the RPC. Each application will be considered on its individual merits and a response will normally be given within two weeks of submission.

On completion of the bid preparation process, the leaders of the bid will be asked to provide a brief report for the RPC, including lessons learned regarding effective strategies and use of resources. These reports will be available to inform future applicants to the Fund.

Potential applications should be discussed in the first instance with the Research Strategy Office: please Gordana Najdanovic via

Please access the application form and find more information about this funding opportunity here.


UoC - Isaac Newton Trust

The Isaac Newton Trust is a charity established in 1988 by Trinity College. The Trust promotes learning, research and education in the University of Cambridge, primarily by providing support to early career researchers and by making research grants to departments and programmes within the University and its constituent Colleges.

INT Early Carer Researcher Grants 

INT Established Researchers Grants

INT Strategic Grants

INT College Colaborations

College Travel Funding

Many colleges offer travel funding. Please search their web sites. an example is given below:

Wolfson College Travel and Fieldwork Grants

To support travel to conferences or any research-related expenses. Awards up to £400 are available to postgraduates on one-year courses, and to undergraduates over the course of their Tripos. Awards up to £1200 are available to PhDs over the course of their programme. Subsistence costs or the purchase of books are not supported.

Apply to the Wolfson College Travel/Research fund (pdf).