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GCRF Funding

Research Councils UK Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) 

The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) is a £1.5 billion fund announced by the UK Government to support cutting-edge research that addresses the challenges faced by developing countries through:

  • challenge-led disciplinary and interdisciplinary research
  • strengthening capacity for research and innovation within both the UK and developing countries
  • providing an agile response to emergencies where there is an urgent research need.

The CID IRC encourages members to attend meetings facilitated by the University's Global Challenges Network, and /or to contact the Coordinator if you would like assistance to initiate a facilitation meeting. You can check on which researchers hold GCRF grants below. 

University of Cambridge research projects supported by:

  • UKRI GCRF can be found here

  • GCRF Global Impact Acceleration Account can be found here

  • Research England GCRF can be found here

  • Newton Fund can be found here


GCRF Latest Calls 

Please visit

Global Challenges Clusters 

  • Call closes: 24 September 2019   

Partnering on Interdisciplinary Research Hubs

If you are not currently involved in an Interdisciplinary Research Hub proposal but are interested in partnering on one, you can find information about those looking for additional partners here.


GCRF Guidance

 Criteria for GCRF released by the GCRF Advisory Board

The Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) supports researchers committed to sustainable development and the eradication of poverty encouraging partnerships between UK and developing country researchers, national and international development agencies, and policy-makers in both North and South. The GCRF Strategic Advisory Group has released the criteria for GCRF Funding.

Global Challenges Research Fund - Funders’ observations on preparing your proposal

AHRC, BBSRC, ESRC, MRC and NERC have recently supported Foundation Awards through the Global Challenges Research Fund. These general observations are provided as a guide to support applicants in preparing future GCRF proposals. These observations are generic and being provided to all applicants to the full stage therefore comments are not specific to any application. This document incorporates some feedback provided at the outline stage. Please note some of the comments are general observations and may not have been used by the panel to evaluate any application.

GCRF guidance for Official Development Assistance (ODA)

The following text has been developed in consultation with the Department for International Development to provide general guidance on ODA compliance to applicants for Global Challenges Research Fund grants. It is intended as general guidance only and is not officially endorsed by the OECD.

Is it ODA? Factsheet 2006

This note helps donors to decide whether a particular expenditure qualifies as official development assistance (ODA). It supplements the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Statistical Reporting Directives. Further guidance on ODA eligibility of expenditures in the field of conflict, peace and security is available in the DAC’s “ODA Casebook on Conflict, Peace and Security Activities.”