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STEM projects needed

last modified Jan 20, 2012 11:06 AM
Do you have small projects that could be performed by an A-Level student over the summer? The local STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Medicine) team are seeking suitable projects.

The Nuffield Bursary Scheme places AS level students with STEM researchers to do 4 week research projects each summer. The Nuffield scheme is among the most prestigious of the STEM enrichment schemes and is highly regarded nationally. The aim of the Nuffield scheme is that the host and the student both benefit.

Not only can you get useful work completed,but by taking a student you can demonstrate 'public engagement' and 'pathways to Impact' on grant applications. The major science research funding bodies do ask the Nuffield Foundation to recruit hosts from their funded research areas.

The students are all of high calibre and intending to study a STEM subject at University. The local team manage the scheme for Cambridge, Suffolk and Essex and recruit the students for any project you may have. They also visit the student during the placement and ensure that the student write up a science report on their work for you. A conference style celebration event takes place at the end of October and all students present their work as a poster or oral presentation. A number of students are currently seeking placements. If you have a project you think may be suitable, please contact Anna at