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Impact case Studies

Impact is central to the mission of the University of Cambridge. For over 800 years, we have contributed to society through education, learning and research at the highest levels of international excellence. Our world-leading research underpins a huge range of innovations which create prosperity, improve quality of life, protect the environment and enrich our culture.




Shaping WHO vaccination guidelines 

Dr Caroline Trotter, Department of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr Caroline Trotter and her team at Cambridge’s Department of Veterinary Medicine have used mathematical modelling to help ensure that World Health Organisation guidelines provide the most robust and effective approach to meningitis vaccinations.

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AMR pig drugs

Keeping pigs healthy to make bacon more sustainable

Dr Dan Tucker, Department of Veterinary Medicine.

A Cambridge University academic is helping improve the global sustainability of pork supplies. Dr Dan Tucker, of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, is a global health assurance consultant to the Pig Improvement Company (PIC), a company specialising in the genetic improvement of pigs, where he’s working to prevent disease and poor health of the animals that can slow progress in bringing improvements in growth, health and sustainability to farmers. His work is helping industry to meet the growing demand for pork worldwide in a sustainable way.

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Ethiopian cattle

The Impact of atypical TB in children in Ethiopia

Zoonotic Disease and Human Health. Professor James Wood, Department of Veterinary Medicine.

Home to Africa's largest livestock population, Ethiopia's cattle suffer from high rates of bovine tuberculosis. In 2018, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 1 million children are infected with tuberculosis (TB) and many more harbour a latent form of infection. A workshop was held to improve the knowledge, understanding and awareness among Ethiopian clinicians and researchers on global and national childhood TB, and the different available diagnostic tools available.

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