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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

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Fun games about disease- try and wipe out the world, go on a detective mission, save the world from a flu pandemic, become a virtual researcher and set up your online laboratory!

Discover the weird and wonderful world of microbiology with

From deep in the ocean to the tops of mountains, micro-organisms can be found everywhere on the planet. They are responsible for millions of deaths every year, but can also give us new drugs, healthy stomachs, and good food. Come and discover the weird and wonderful world of microbes!

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What we do

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Cambridge Infectious Diseases is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge. We promote an interdisciplinary approach to addressing the challenge of reducing the burden of infectious diseases globally. Our virtual network crosses all six schools of the University and sector leading institutes across Cambridge.

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Epirecipes Hackathon

Jan 22, 2019

Over 40 international researchers and students attended the Epirecipes Hackathon, which was co-sponsored by CID thanks to generous support from the Isaac Newton Trust. The event aimed to implement as many different epidemiological models as possible in a variety of computer languages.

Infectious Diseases at the 2019 Science Festival

Jan 22, 2019

Find out about all the infectious diseases events at the 2019 Science Festival.

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Spanish Flu: Cambridge scientists discuss the historic warning to us all.