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Biomedical Early Career Interdisciplinary Programme

Biomedical Early Career Interdisciplinary Programme

In the next decade, our greatest opportunities and challenges in reducing the burden of infectious diseases can only be taken on by next generation researchers working more closely together across disciplines than ever before. Building a thriving community and culture in which interdisciplinary research can happen more readily is a core stragey for CIDIRC.

The Cambridge Infectious Diseases IRC and Immunology SRN are organising a biomedical early career interdisciplinary programme, providing research skills enhancement and cross-discipline networking opportunities for early career researchers with a common interest in infectious diseases.

The programme is open to PhD student and postdoctoral research scientists  from any discipline and based in any department across all six Schools of the University or affiliated institutes. However you should have an interest in infectious diseases linked reserch and with limited space opportunities, prefernce is given to CID or Immunology network members (you can sign up online).

The programme will consist of regular career skills developmenet, leadership seminars, and practical technical skills workshops spread across three terms, and hosted at varying locations across the biomedical and University campus. Based on feedback from a previous conservation based early career programme, we will be focussing one as much interactive networking time in small groups as possible and bringing in some outside experts to conduct training, and interacting with industry. We will also be tapping in to existing courses available across the University, and ensuring some crossover with an early career programme led by the Cambridge Conservation Initiative to maximize cross discipline opportunities.

Event Date Venue Link
Public Engagement Training Day Wed 24 Jan2018 Downing College , Cambridge Visit here for more information and registration