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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge
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Fostering the culture of convergence in research

Combating infectious diseases remains as important as ever. A combination of basic and applied research has led to some extraordinary success stories, such as the eradication of smallpox. Yet, history reminds us that the emergence of a new infectious disease can rapidly traverse contents and threaten the health of the population at a global scale.

Cambridge Infectious Diseases is a virtual centre for infectious diseases researchers at the University of Cambridge and affiliated institutes. We became a University Interdisciplinary Research Centre in 2016. 

Our vision is to build a world-leading interdisciplinary centre with capacity to  develop innovative solutions for intractable infectious disease problems and support evidence for infectious disease policy.

Our strategic aims include:

  • to connect a diverse research community
  • to create increased opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborative research
  • to translate and share knowledge bringing the benefits of innovation to all sections of industry, government and society
  • to develop external partnerships
  • to equip the next generation of researchers with the knowledge, experience and skills for interdisciplinary research

Our virtual network connects over 300 infectious diseases researchers across the University and sector leading institutes in Cambridge and beyond. Our members include over a hundred Principal Investigators and are from all six schools of the University, including members from biological sciences, medicine, physical sciences, social sciences, humanities, computer science, engineering and technology.

Our activities support the practice of collaboration, operating as a connector and catalyzer of existing and new initiatives, supporting the capacity of researchers to develop new research collaborations, and acting as a gateway for industry, policy makers and the public to access Cambridge expertise in infectious diseases.

The Cambridge Infectious Diseases IRC provides a model of how a small administrative infrastructure, with academic input from members, can initiate and support a range of collaborations, training events and information resources, thereby ultimately leading to better collaborative research.




What we do

  • Annual Symposium - Cambridge Infectious Diseases Meeting of Minds
  • Early Career Research Incubator Fund - supporting interdisciplinary mobility and seed funding of interdisciplinary collaborative research
  • Monthly news - join us to receive the CID Bulletin - connecting members to events, news across the network, grants and opportunities. 
  • Industry Partnership Development - ID-Connect - helping world-leading academic and industry expertise connect to drive curiosity led infectious diseases research, technology, and therapeutic development  
  • Public and Policy engagement e.g., Cambridge Science Festival
  • Convene event series - Infectious Diseases NeXt - helping advance collaborative research and curiosity driven innovation between disciplines by supporting academics and industrial scientists to participate in knowledge exchange activities.

Join Us

Our network is open to Cambridge-based researchers, at any level of their career, with an interest in research relating to infectious diseases. We welcome news about your research, and proposal ideas to develop new meetings and workshops or pathways to collaboration. Join us