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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Cambridge Infectious Disease is led by two Co-Chairs (James Wood and Andres Floto), who work closely with the CID manager (Maria Bargues-Ribera) to define the CID strategy, set yearly goals and plan the path accordingly to achieve them. 

Supporting them, CID counts with a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee oversees the centre and meets every three months to discuss the CID strategy and programme of work. The Steering Committee aims to have representation from at least one academic member from each of the University of Cambridge Schools. Within the Steering Committee, there is an Early Career Researchers Committee, which takes care of organising activities for the PhDs and postdocs of the network. There is also an Operations Group, which is a smaller and more dynamic (due to its size) subset that assists with decision-making – particularly if speedier responses may be required – and acts as an advisory board to sound out opinions and ideas on the direction of CID.

The members of the committees are reviewed every three years, together with the general Interdisciplinary Research Centre evaluation.

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