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Featured in our Fortnightly Digest, this is a list of external workshops of interest to infectious diseases researchers. 



Genomic Epidemiology of Malaria

  • This meeting provides a common forum for malaria scientists, clinicians, and public health professionals working at the interface of genome science and technology, epidemiology and statistical and population genetics, with an interest in understanding the clinical and biological consequences of genome variation in malaria-exposed populations. The conference will bring researchers from across the globe working on various aspects of human, parasite and mosquito genetics together with policy makers to focus on how new biological insights can be used to control malaria.
  • Date: 18–20 September 2024
  • Deadline: 4 June 2024 (Abstract), 13 August (in person registration), 10 September (virtual registration)
  • Location: Wellcome Genome Campus, UK and Virtual
  • More info here.

Virus Genomics, Evolution and Bioinformatics

  • The meeting will focus on how viruses adapt and evolve in and between hosts, as well as exploring recent developments in virus epidemics and outbreaks. Discussions will cover bioinformatics in virus public health and upcoming therapeutic approaches to viruses. Viruses of plants and animals will be highlighted, as will zoonoses and the impact of viruses in the changing world.
  • Date: 6-8 November 2024
  • Deadline: 10 Sep 2024 (Abstract), 8 Oct (in person registration), 29 Oct (virtual registration)
  • Location: Wellcome Genome Campus, UK and Virtual
  • More info here.


Where to look for more? 


You can check the Courses and Conferences offered by Wellcome Connecting Science:

  • There’s a sign-up link for the Connecting Science newsletter on there too!

Or some institutions with regular events and training such as: