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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at The University of Cambridge

Studying at Cambridge


Graduate Students

Carlos Bastos
  • Development of metal-based nanominerals for antimicrobial applications.
Anders Bergstrom
  • Human-pathogen co-evolution
Hayley Brodrick
  • Research assistant with the Peacock Research group regarding MRSA
Elliott Bussell
  • Modelling the effect of the host landscape on plant diseases
Ray Chai
  • Working on the phage abortive system via the type 3 toxin/antitoxin systems in pectobacteria
Bihe Chen
  • Type III toxin-antitoxin
Laura Cooper
  • Exploring the potential for serogroup replacement following the introduction of MenAfriVac in the African meningitis belt
Audrey Crousilles
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence and the glyoxylate shunt.
Andrew Day
  • Abortive infection
Nicholas Gleadall
  • Clinical microbiology, development and spread of resistance to antimicrobial and antiviral agents.
Emma Glennon
  • Graduate Student working on disease dynamics and ecological drivers, particularly of bat-borne viruses and other emerging pathogens. She is also secretary of the Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange and is interested in engagement between scientists, policymakers and their communities.
Joana Guedes
  • Studies of parasite-host cell interactions - Eimeria spp. infections of intestinal organoids
Chris Hellmund
  • Studies on genome packaging, assembly and maturation of HIV-1
Thomas Hird
  • Department of Public Health and Primary Care
Sophie Ip
  • Graduate Student: Working on mathematical and computational modelling of systems in immunology.
Aminu Jahun
  • Novel sensing mechanisms of non-enveloped viruses.
Freya Jephcott
  • PhD Candidate and Research Assistant in Emerging Infectious Diseases
Kim Judge
  • Genetic sequencing of pathogens to understand transmission and inform treatment and management
Venetia Karamitsou
  • Mathematical models for the evolution of influenza that link the within- and between-host scales
Stephen Kissler
  • PhD candidate studying the population dynamics of pandemic influenza
Jonathan C H Lau
  • MRC PhD student, researching into the latent behaviour of Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV)
Emily Lees
  • Graduate Student
John Lees
  • I am studying host-pathogen interaction in bacterial meningitis, based on sequencing data from the Netherlands
Jia Lu
  • Pathogen Biology and Evolution
Eve Maunders
  • Investigating the relationship between Type Three Secretion and biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Alyssa McVey
  • Department of Biochemistry
  • Characterisation and Regulation of Malate Synthase G in the glyoxylate shunt of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Chin Mei
  • Identification and characterisation of new regulatory genes controlling gas vesicle production in Serratia sp.
Monique Merchant
  • Glycoprotein structural studies and phylogenetic analysis to study evolutionary virology.
Marcel Meyer
  • Department of Plant Sciences
  • Mathematical modelling of atmospheric dispersion of pathogens.
Ana Mosterin
  • I'm a graduate student and administrator in the Pathogen Evolution group. I'm interested in flu and vaccines.
Julia Muenzner
  • I am a Wellcome Trust PhD student in Infection and Immunity and working in Dr. Stephen Graham's lab.
Maire Ni Leathlobhair
  • Genetic diversity and evolution of transmissible cancers
Christian K. Owusu
  • I am using genomic tools to better understand the Th2 response in the murine model of Schistosoma mansoni infection.
Velislava Petrova
  • Characterisation of B cell immune repertoires in measles infection.
Alex Quintero
  • Role of quorum sensing in the regulation of gas vesicles, prodiogiosin and carbapenem in enterobacteria
Gianmarco Raddi
  • Anopheles gambiae hemocyte response to Plasmodium infection
Claire Raisen
  • PhD student working on MRSA Iron Acquisition
Stephanie Reikine
  • I am using biophysical tools to understand the properties that underlie TLR9 activation by ssDNA from pathogens.
Alessandro Rizzo, PhD
  • Immunology of Salmonella typhimurium using a wide spectrum of biological, microscopy, physical and mathematical techniques
Andy Russell
  • PhD Student
  • Transcriptomics
Thomas Sanford
  • PhD student studying the influence of G-quadruplexes on positive strand RNA virus replication.
Nyarie Sithole
  • Novel Therapeutics to Inhibit HIV-1. To achieve this, I am dissecting the role of DEAD Box Helicases in the HIV lifecycle.
Andrea Strakova
  • PhD student leading the canine transmissible venereal tumour (CTVT) project
Wai Wan (Vivian) Sze-To
  • Use of clinical informatics to understand the epidemiology of invasive fungal infection among hospitalised patients
Ben Trigg
  • I am currently looking at how herpesvirus has evolved to interfere with cytosolic DNA-sensing pathways.
Emem-Fong Ukor
  • Understanding and predicting acute pulmonary exacerbations in adults with Cystic Fibrosis
Martin Vyska
  • Epidemiological modelling and optimal control.
Arporn Wangwiwatsin
  • Recently started PhD student aiming to look at interactions between liver fluke parasite and its host.
Thomas Wileman
  • My research concentrates on understanding the pathogenicity of S.suis using a combined wet bench and bioinformatic approach
Laura Williamson
  • Investigating host-pathogen interactions during BK Polyomavirus infection. Working in the Crump Lab.
Michal Wlodarski
  • I investigate bacterial responses and adaptation mechanisms to antibiotics using microscopy and microfluidic methods.