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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

October 2021

Inequalities and Infectious Diseases Workshop (II)

Together with Cambridge Public Health, we gathered a group of researchers concerned about the effect of Covid-19 and other epidemics in social inequalities, to discuss which are the most relevant questions to tackle in the topic. 

Summer 2021

CID Summer Studentship 2021

We awarded the undergraduate student Kathryn Bowers with a studentship to pursue a summer project in the Department of Veterinary Medicine. She conducted research on modelling virus evolution in age-structured populations.

March 2021

Cambridge Infectious Diseases at Cambridge Festival 2021

CID participated contributing two talks. On 26 March, Professor Stephen Baker “the super sleuth of poop!” shared a unique view down his microscope to show how “a healthy gut means a healthy you”.

On 31st March, opening with a short fun quiz "What's your expertise on a sneeze", Dr Sarah Caddy, Vet and Clinician Scientist at the University of Cambridge, gave a fascinating insight into pets and infections and why "healthy pets means healthy people".