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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

June 2024

One Health Policy Engagement Workshop for ECRs


INEOS Oxbridge PhD Programme: Cohort Meeting Spring 2024

March 2024

Cambridge Infectious Diseases Annual Symposium

February 2024

Early Career Researchers Networking Event at Wellcome Sanger Institute

December 2023

Early Career Researchers Symposium 'Methodologies in infectious diseases research'

July 2023

Early Career Researchers Summer Social - Bug Quiz

May 2023

AMR Sandpit

April 2023

Cambridge Infectious Diseases Annual Symposium

March 2023

Skills development workshop: Bayesian inference methods for infectious diseases research

The workshop started with a keynote talk by Prof Jose-Miguel Hernandez Lobato (Dept Engineering) on approximate Bayesian methods. It was followed by three hands-on exercises by CID postdocs on BEAST, Stan and other inference methods. This was organised by Dr Lin Wang (Genetics), who was awarded seed funding from C2D3.

December 2022

CID ECR Symposium: Work in progress and challenges in ID research

The event was a half-day symposium featuring talks from our early career researchers. It aimed to encourage the ECR participants to share what they are working on, even if these are not conclusive results, and give mutual advice.

July 2022

CID ECR monthly gatherings – Pre-summer session

The event was an informal gathering for ECRs in infectious diseases, with two short research talks and chatting around drinks & snacks. This was the pre-summer session held at the lecture theatre of the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre. More sessions are upcoming from Michaelmas Term.

May 2022

One Health Challenges in Food Systems: Joint workshop with Global Food Security IRC 

GFS and CID organized a half-day workshop bringing together livestock diseases, crop diseases, and farming policy researchers. The discussion focused on preventing infectious disease-driven problems in a changing climate and managing disease and antimicrobial resistance in the agricultural landscape.

Click here to read the report on One Health Challenges in Food Systems: Joint workshop by Global Food Security and Cambridge Infectious Diseases IRCs.

April 2022

Cambridge Festival 2022: Joint contribution with COG-UK

In the 2022 edition of the Cambridge Festival, Cambridge Infectious Diseases joined COVID-19 Genomics UK (COG-UK) to contribute with an online talk: 'A conversation with the SARS-CoV-2 variant hunters', by Prof Sharon Peacock and Dr Katerina Galai.

March 2022

CID Annual Symposium 2022

On the 9th of March, Cambridge Infectious Diseases successfully celebrated its Annual Symposium. After two years of break, we could bring back talks to the stage and face-to-face discussions in diverse areas related to infectious diseases. The symposium focused on 'Past, current and future epidemics' and had contributions from COVID-19, AMR and other epidemics. 

Health and Climate Workshop - Cambridge Zero

We participated and contributed to the Health and Climate Workshop organised by Cambridge Zero. We discussed research topics related to the effect of climate change on infectious disease spread and brainstormed follow-up options.

November 2021

CID AMR Sandpit 2021

We celebrated our first Research Sandpit event. The Sandpit focus was Antimicrobial Resistance, and it was targeted at Early Career Researchers. After the event, some participants wrote research proposals and the best was awarded a pump-priming grant. 

October 2021

Inequalities and Infectious Diseases Workshop (II)

Together with Cambridge Public Health, we gathered a group of researchers concerned about the effect of Covid-19 and other epidemics in social inequalities, to discuss which are the most relevant questions to tackle on the topic. 

Summer 2021

CID Summer Studentship 2021

We awarded the undergraduate student Kathryn Bowers with a studentship to pursue a summer project in the Department of Veterinary Medicine. She conducted research on modelling virus evolution in age-structured populations.

March 2021

Cambridge Infectious Diseases at Cambridge Festival 2021

CID participated contributing two talks. On 26 March, Professor Stephen Baker “the super sleuth of poop!” shared a unique view down his microscope to show how “a healthy gut means a healthy you”.

On 31st March, opening with a short fun quiz "What's your expertise on a sneeze", Dr Sarah Caddy, Vet and Clinician Scientist at the University of Cambridge, gave a fascinating insight into pets and infections and why "healthy pets means healthy people".