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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge
Dr Jonas Dutra   Albarnaz
Research Associate, Department of Pathology
Viral immunology: How vaccinia virus evades the host immune response to infection
Dr Anna  Albecka-Moreau
Mechanisms of virus entry and assembly
Dr Joel  Alves
Department of Genetics
Postdoctoral Researcher
Genetic aspects of host-parasite interactions using as a model the European rabbit and the myxoma virus.
Dr Xiaoliang   Ba
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Antimicrobial resistance mechanisms in Staphylococcus aureus and other clinically important bacterial pathogens
Dr Anna  Barford
Research Associate on the ‘Humanitarian Crises, Population Displacement and Epidemic Diseases, 1901-2010’ project.
Dr Josefin   Bartholdson Scott
Research Associate, Department of Medicine
Dr Paul  Birrell
Development of real-time systems for the tracking of pandemic influenza outbreaks.
Dr Sebastian   Bruchmann
Postdoctoral Fellow
I use functional genomics to study AMR and Host-pathogen interactions in Enterobacteriaceae.
Dr Josie   Bryant
Dr Sarah  Caddy
Sarah is a Veterinary Surgeon and Clinical Research Fellow at the Cambridge Institute for Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Disease (CITIID).
Dr. Javier  Castillo-Olivares
Immune Correlates of Protection
Project Coordinator - Human Correlates of Protection of COVID-19 (HICC)
Dr Adrian   Cazares
ESPOD Research Fellow, EMBL-EBI & Sanger Institute
Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College
Bacterial mobilome and pathogens evolution
Dr Chrispin  Chaguza
Wellcome Sanger Institute
Molecular epidemiology and evolution of bacterial pathogens particularly Streptococcus pneumoniae
 Francesc   Coll
Integration of bacterial whole-genome data with epidemiological, clinical and phenotypic data to glean biological insights
Dr Delphine   Cuchet- Lourenco
Research Associate, Medicine
I have particular interest in understanding susceptibility to tuberculosis (TB) and mycobacterial infection.
Dr Stephen  Kevin Dolan
Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biochemistry
 Stephen   Doyle
Population genomics of drug selection in two veterinary parasites, Haemonchus contortus and Teladorsagia circumcincta
Dr Richard  Dybowski
Senior Research Associate (Mathematical & Computational Biology)
+44 1223 339381
Dr Zoe  Dyson
Working to better understand the evolution of the bacteria that cause Typhoid fever.
 Davide  Eletto
My research interests span the molecular mechanisms underlying primary immuno-deficiencies and human genetics
 Samuel   Forster
CJ Martin Biomedical Research Fellow, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Sam's work combines microbiology, immunology and computational analysis to interactions between the microbiota and pathogen
Dr Harriet   Groom
Stanley Elmore Research Fellow and Associated PI in the Department of Medicine.
I research the molecular interactions between retroviruses and human cells.
Dr. Ian  Groves
Department of Medicine
Targeting latent human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection by novel immunotherapeutic strategies in transplant settings
Dr William  Hamilton
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Ewan  Harrison
Wellcome Sanger Institute
Staphylococcus aureus in humans and animals.
Dr Charlotte   Houldcroft
Post-doctoral research associate
Guest lecturer
Dr Sarah  Jackson
I work on understanding the nature of the T cell mediated response to Cytomegalovirus infection.
Dr Aminu   Jahun
Novel sensing mechanisms of non-enveloped viruses.
 Dorota  Jamrozy
Comparative genomics of Staphylococcus aureus
Dr Freya  Jephcott
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Research Fellow (JRF)
Outbreak surveillance and response systems, particularly those in Sub-Saharan Africa.
 Teemu   Kallonen
NGS based characterization of the population structure and evolution of Enterobacteriaceae.
 Rebecca  Kinsley
Postdoctoral Scientist
Vaccine development
 Elizabeth  Klemm
Salmonella host-pathogen interactions
 Narender   Kumar
Whole genome sequencing based prediction of Drug resistance in clinical isolates of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Dr Helen C Leggett
Social evolution and virulence in parasites by way of experimental evolution of various strains of bacteria and bacteriophages
 Stephanie Wai-U Lo
Research Associate
Structural and functional characterization of membrane transporters related to virulence and drug resistance from Mycobacteria
Dr Eyal   Maori
Research Associate
+44 (0) 1223339040
Involved in translational research of infectious disease and development of new diagnostic assays within the NHS.
Dr Richard  A.  McKay
Wellcome Trust Research Fellow
Director of Studies for History and Philosophy of Science, Magdalene College
Dr Nicola   Moloney
Postdoctoral researcher, University of Cambridge
My research utilises proteomics to better understand the interactions between African trypanosomes and their hosts.
 Rita  Monson
Secondary metabolite production in different microbes.
Dr Gemma   Murray
Research Associate, Department of Veterinary Medicine
Wheldale Onslow Junior Research Fellow in Evolutionary Biology, Newnham College
 Chisom   Okponyia
Clinical Research Associate, Eastern Region Public Health Observatory, Institute of Public Health.
A public health professional with 5 years of experience in health care services, global health, data analysis, and research.
 Selma Leulmi  Pichot
Postdoctoral Scientist
Uses nanomagnetic tools to overcome AMR.
Dr Emma  Poole
Analysis of Human Cytomegalovirus Latency
Dr Anne   Presanis
Investigator Statistician
in the "Statistical methods in epidemic modelling" programme
MRC Biostatistics Unit
Dr Claire  Raisen
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Postdoctoral Research Associate assisting Professor Mark Holmes
 Adam  Reid
Host-parasite interactions in parasites such as malaria and whipworm using nextgen sequencing and informatics
Dr Sandra  Reuter
Hospital acquired bacterial infections and antibiotic resistance.
 Gabriel   Rinaldi
Development of functional genomic approaches for the blood flukes schistosomes, and the study of helminth-associated neoplasms
Dr Leah  Roberts
EBPOD Postdoctoral Fellow
My research focus is the translational application of bacterial whole genome sequencing in clinical environments.
 Shabih  Shakeel
Postdoctoral Scientist, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
I am a structural virologist. In past I worked on Picornaviruses structure and assembly. Currently working on E3 ligases.
Dr. Yoshiro  Shiba
Postdoctoral Scientist
Innovation in drug discovery
Dr Vikash  Singh
Department of Pathology
Deciphering actin signalling mechanisms hijacked by numerous pathogens to gain entry and establishing systemic infection. Bacteriology, Signalling, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Salmonella, Shigella.
Dr Rachel  Sippy
Research Associate
The study of the long-term evolution of dengue virus and the drivers of dengue transmission processes.
Dr Jordan  Skittrall
Department of Pathology
Mathematical analyses of viral genomic data to predict function and drug targets
Dr Alex  Smith
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Molecular microbiologist using glycoengineering approaches to develop vaccines to prevent bacterial disease in chickens
Dr Hannah   Sore
Antibiotic drug discovery and diagnostic developement
 Hazel   Stewart
I am a postdoctoral Research Associate with Dr Andrew Firth, working on RNA regulatory structures within RNA viral genomes.
 Martyn  F.  Symmons
Currently I work on protein:protein interactions in innate immunity and phagocytosis using our confocal microscope facility in the Physics of Medicine centre. I also work on molecular modelling of signalling complexes and viral RNAs. I previously worked o
Dr Andries J Van Tonder
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Pathogen genomics; Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) and various Mycobacterium species.
Dr Sina   Tureli
Research Associate, Department of Zoology
Mathematical modelling of biological systems, dynamical systems
Dr Lin  Wang
Department of Genetics
Research Associate studying the impact of antigenic and genetic diversity of dengue virus (DENV) on driving DENV's transmission and disease risks.
Dr Tracy  Wang
Animal pathogens, vaccine, antimicrobial resistance and functional genomics
Dr Ashraf   Zarkan
Research Associate
Studying the role of indole signalling in Persisters and Biofilm Formation (Aim: Anti-persisters/Anti-biofilm therapy)
Dr Zenon   Zenonos
Wellcome Sanger Institute
Genetic modification of Plasmodium falciparum