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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Postdoctoral and Graduate Researchers 

Postdocs, or early career researchers, are crucial for the University’s world-class research and a vital part of the University community. There are just over 4,000 working in Cambridge, of which 3,000 are employed directly by the University and 1,000 are employed as Junior Research Fellows by the Colleges, the University Partner Institutes, or funded by external fellowships. 

They make up more than 35% of total University staff and they are the fastest growing staff group – up by more than 160% since 2000.

They are also the most diverse staff group by nationality, coming to Cambridge from over 90 countries around the world (including around a third EU/EAA nationals).

Cambridge Infectious Diseases IRC- Join Us! CID is actively trying to connect early career researchers across schools and disciplines.If you are just browsing this web site - and are a new  graduate or post doc - please do consider completing the online form to join this virtual network.  Click above or head to the front of the web page and look right to click on Join Us. Your picture and research interests will be searchable online as part of this expanding community, and many new networking and small funding opportunities are available through CID.

If you would be interested in volunteering to help organise events, please contact the Coordinator at 

Staff Development delivers learning and development opportunities for University staff and postdocs. There are a wide range of personal and professional development courses on offer – including ones on how to make the transition from postdoc to PI (in collaboration with RSD).

Early Career Researcher Interdisciplinary Networking  Building a thriving community and culture in which interdisciplinary research can happen more readily is a core strategy for CID, and we work in concert with several other networks to offer interdisciplinary networking events for early career researchers  (PhD Students and Post Docs) with an interest in biomedical research areas.

Our events aim to:

  • Provide informal speed networking/social networking opportunities among early career researchers who work in or have an interest in biomedical/veterinary/biosciences research topics. 
  • Provide skills focused networking workshops to promote integrative thinking and creative problem-solving approaches 
  • Provide leadership seminars from researchers who have developed their careers in mixed discipline environments.

Our overarching goal in providing opportunities to to empower early career researchers to consider interdisciplinary approaches to their work, by fostering trust, creative thinking, curiosity, a willingness to debate openly and a mutual respect and language across disciplines. Events are advertised on the main events page. 

Clinical School Postdoc Committee - The University of Cambridge, Clinical School is made up of 12 University Departments and 6 Institutes, and provides employment for around 600 post doctoral researchers, all of which are located on the Addenbrooke’s site. The clinical school postdoc committee was formed to raise the visibility of the postdoc community on site, and to ensure that those postdocs working under the clinical school umbrella are as well informed as those employed elsewhere in the university. This also includes all biomedical postdocs that are situated on the Biomedical campus and those off-site from Strangeways, Babraham and Sanger.

The Vetmed Postdoc Committee -  The Postdoc Committee of the Department of Veterinary Medicine aims to represent the interests of research assistants and associates within the department through furthering scientific, social and intellectual engagement and supporting career development and progression. New members welcome!

Professional development:

Researcher Development Programme The Researcher Development Programme (RDP) is the University's central provider for the researcher development of graduate students and research staff.

Career Service  - Offers careers advice and information to Postdocs and research assistants. It organises numerous events on career opportunities.

Training and development courses - The Personal and Professional Development office provides many training and development opportunities for research staff.

University of Cambridge Training - This site provides a central point for staff and students of the University for searching and booking a variety of training courses run by participating University training providers.

CID Talks - The site provides a database of talks in Cambridge open to everyone, and allows you to sign up to email alerts for relevant Infectious Diseases seminars -  talks are pulled from multiple seminar series across schools.

The Reporter - Reports university business, and also advertises college vacancies if you're interested becoming affiliated with a Cambridge college whilst you're here (both stipendiary and non-stipendiary).

Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences - Entrepreneurs in Residence

Cambridge Enterprise Cambridge Enterprise was formed by the University of Cambridge to help students and staff commercialise their expertise and ideas. At Cambridge Enterprise, we help academics achieve the impact that is central to securing long-term funding for research.

The Graduate School of Life Sciences has links to a range of courses, including:

  • Career management
  • Commercial awareness
  • Compulsory induction
  • Computing skills
  • Health and safety
  • Information searching and management
  • Maths and statistics
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Presentation and communication
  • Research management
  • Research skills and techniques
  • Subject specific research skills
  • Teaching and learning
  • Writing skills

Subject specific research skills include:



ECR Links

Early Career Researchers 

Logo ECR Central

Early Career Researchers Central 

Graduate Links

Graduate Links

Cambridge Students Information

Graduate School of Life Sciences -  Opportunities, training and more

Careers Service  careers fairs, interview advice, jobs and further study.

Epoc - Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge.

GRASP- Graduate Student and Postdoc Forum [School of the Biological Sciences].

Postdoc Links

Post Doc Links

Cambridge Students Information

Graduate School of Life Sciences - training opportunities, researcher development and more

Careers Service  careers fairs, interview advice, jobs and further study.

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs - For all things to do with Postdocs. Friendly staff on site to help you with everything from settling in to Cambridge to searching for a new position elsewhere.

Pdoc Society - The society for Postdocs. Pastoral care, masterclasses, formal dinners in colleges, social events, etc. This is a brilliant place to meet other Postdocs.

Epoc - Entrepreneurial Postdocs of Cambridge.

GRASP- Graduate Student and Postdoc Forum [School of the Biological Sciences].

Undergraduate Links

Undergraduate Links

Cambridge Onehealth Society - a student led society with a mission to encourage the collaborative efforts of multiple disciplines-working locally, nationally, and globally--for the health of people, animals, and our environment.

Undergraduates on some Natural Science routes or those studying Medicine or Veterinary Medicine will receive teaching in infectious disease at various points during their courses. More information on the syllabuses for these courses can be found on the Undergraduate Admissions pages.