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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

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Early Career Researchers

Interdisciplinary Early Career Programme

The Cambridge Infectious Diseases Interdisciplinary Early Career Programme, supported in part by the Isaac Newton Fund, is designed to provide support to graduate students and postdoctoral researchers  to excel in an interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment.

We deliver activities  through a variety of learning approaches and formats, including seed grants to support proactive research network growth, and emphasises the importance of interactive experience to promote active engagement for a deeper and enhanced cross-disciplinary understanding. By participating in workshops, and the associated informal networking events, we provide participants opportunities to meet related researchers from other disciplines interested in infectious diseases challenges; creating the potential for building wider research collaboration networks across the Cambridge campus. 

Our approach clusters events into four themes: 

Early Career Circle 250x250

Previous Years Offerings:


  • Career progression : Career Anchors. A facilitated workshop to delve into 

    what is important to you when applying for a job  and how your values relate to your career choices.

  • Communication & Collaboration: Presentations to Inspire. A workshops facilitated by Jon Torrens - a stand up comedian. Writing. Visuals. delivery. Turning you into speaking heroes.
  • Research Skills & Knowledge: An open session with an Editor from The Conservation about pitching articles and how to write better popular science to reach society. 
  • Career progression : Annual Phd and PostDoc Showcase Day. including 

    Prof Gordon Dougan FRS- Established PI Keynote Talk
    “Finding a (scientific) career path in changing times” Professor Dougan is Senior Group Leader at The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and a Professor in the Department of Medicine at Cambridge University. He has extensive experience working both in industry and in academia. and Dr Tim Allsopp (Consilium Bio Ltd)- Industry panel speaker Dr Tim Allsopp is the Managing Director of Consilium Bio Ltd (a life science consultancy company), he is also the Entrepreneur in Residence, for the University of Cambridge, and a Board member of the International Society for Stem Cell Research

  • Communication and Collaboration : Public Engagement. A full day of training, with Lucy Spokes who runs the Cambridge Science Festival, Allyson Walsh CID and Sarah Cruise  who has been coaching communication skills since 2003, and running her own company Eloquential since 2006.
  • Research Skills and Knowledge : Fast Track Your Research. This full day workshop will give you everything you need to generate real-world impacts from your research. You will leave with practical tools you can use immediately in your research, whatever your discipline and career stage.  The workshop is led by Prof Mark Reed,  a recognised international expert in impact research  with awards for the impact of his work as the HEFCE N8 Chair of Socio-Technical Innovation at Newcastle University.