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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge
Programme manager, Cambridge Infectious Diseases (CID) IRC
Professor John  Carr
Department of Plant Sciences
Head of Virology and Molecular Plant Pathology Group
My research interests include viral subversion of plant resistance, viral gene expression, plant-virus-insect vector interactions, and the effects of virus infection on interactions of plants with beneficial insects such as pollinators.
Professor Pietro  Cicuta
Department of Physics
Salmonella infection of macrophages; bacterial adhesion in airways; P.falciparum (Malaria) egress and invasion in red blood cells; gene expression noise in E.coli; new phenotipic responses to antibiotics; microfluidics/single cell imaging.
Professor P John Clarkson
Department of Engineering
Engineering design: including process management, change management, healthcare design and inclusive design.
Dr Daniela  De Angelis
Programme leader
Statistical methods in epidemic modelling
PhD Student at Baker Group, CITIID, University of Cambridge
Typhoid and Paratyphoid fever in LMICs
Dr Robert  Doubleday
Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP)
Strengthening the contribution academic research can make to improving public policy.
Professor Andres  Floto
Department of Medicine
The response of Macrophages and Dendritic cells to bacterial and mycobacterial infection.
Dr Andrew James Grant
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Host-pathogen interactions and the molecular basis of virulence.
Professor Lisa  Hall
Department of Chemical Engineering & Technology
Innovation of cheap diagnostics in developing countries.
Everitt Butterfield Fellow in Emerging Infectious Diseases
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Centre for the Study of Existential Risk
Interested in infectious diseases; epidemiology; global health; outbreak response; surveillance
Postdoctoral Researcher at Department of Genetics
Salje's group
Dr Hugo  Leal
Cambridge Digital Humanities
Combines research and teaching activities on misinformation, collective action and digital methods.
Research Associate at CITIID – Department of Medicine
Professor Julian  Parkhill
Professor of Bacterial Evolution, Department of Veterinary Medicine
The emergence, transmission and evolution of bacterial pathogens
Professor of Viral Immunology, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
I use cutting-edge proteomics to identify and characterise novel aspects of innate antiviral immunity.
01223 767811
Dr Martin  Welch
Department of Biochemistry
Regulation of microbial virulence and biofilms in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Quorum sensing, anti-bacterials, stringent response.
Professor James  Wood
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinarian, epidemiology with interests in the infection dynamics and control of zoonotic diseases in Africa and globally.