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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge
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Dr Camilla Godlee

What I do:

My research combines my expertise in cellular membrane dynamics and host:pathogen interactions. I study how bacterial pathogens interact with and manipulate eukaryotic membranes to enable their own growth and pathogenicity.

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Dr Hashim Ali

What I do:

I am currently investigating human neurotropic astroviruses using intestinal organoids and cellular models.

Research Interests:

My research interest is understanding the molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions during virus infection and downstream signalling cascades.

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Dr Jeanne Salje

What I do:

  • In my research group, we study the host-pathogen cell biology of obligate intracellular bacteria, focussing on organisms within the order Rickettsiales.
  • My lab has been partly based at Mahidol University/MORU in Thailand since 2013

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Dr Katerina Artavanis-Tsakonas

About my research group: