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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Who can join the directory?

Membership of Cambridge Infectious Diseases is free and open to researchers at the University of Cambridge or affiliated institutes who are actively engaged in research related to infectious disease, or who are interested in networking with researchers in this area. Researchers at any stage of their career, including graduate students, are welcome.

Why should I join the directory?

Not only will you become a visible member of the Cambridge Infectious Disease community and register for meetings and symposia, you will also be able to set up (via the coordinator) special interest groups, online discussion forums, or topic webpages. You can also sign up to receive our monthly news and funding bulletins, and weekly seminar bulletins.

I think I might be eligible to become a member, but I'm not sure. How can I check this?

First check our list of affiliated institutes. If your institute is on the list you are eligible to join. If believe your institute should be one of our affiliated institutes, contact us.

I've submitted my application for membership. How long will it take for my profile to be created?

Your profile will usually be created on the same day, or the following Monday if you applied over the weekend. Each profile is created manually, so if several weeks have gone by and you have not received a notification about your profile being set up, please .

I've given you my email address, but I prefer to use another email address for correspondence. Is this possible?

Yes. We need your or email address to create your profile so that you can log in and edit it, but we are happy to use an alternative address for correspondence. Just tell us when you apply.

How do I edit my profile?

  1. Visit or find your profile using the search box
  2. Log in through the Raven portal if you are based at Cambridge University, or Log in using UK Federation if Sanger etc.
  3. A green bar will then appear above your profile.
  4. Select the ‘edit’ tab
  5. Edit away!

We recommend you put a brief description of your research in the ‘Job title’ section, as this will appear in the main search directory next to your name.

I'm sure I have a profile, but I can't find myself in the directory

You must select a 'Classification' when you edit your profile for it to appear in the directory. If you have just edited your profile it can take a couple of hours for the site to update. If the problem persists, tell us about it.

I would like to attend one of the Cambridge Infectious Diseases events but I am not eligible to be a member. What can I do?

Cambridge Infectious Diseases events are rarely restricted to members-only – but we encourage you to join, as some training/workshop events are restricted. Please contact us.

I want to organise an event, but I need help!

We're happy to see what we can do. Tell us about it.

Transparency Notice - How we use your personal data

The University of Cambridge will store your personal information in order to liaise with you as a consequence of your interest in our work, and (with your consent) keep you up to date with Cambridge Infectious Diseases Interdisciplinary Research Centre news via e-bulletins, newsletters and occasional emails letting you know of events and opportunities. Your information will be managed on Mail Chimp and an Internal University of Cambridge e-list. Information shared by you on the join-up form will be shared online on our website, so that other network members and external researchers visiting the website can contact you by email. 

We will not sell or rent your information, or share it with other companies for marketing purposes. We share your information with third-party service providers who provide services to us, for example in facilitating/hosting an event. At times, personal data may be sent, including internationally, via email and other platforms for the purposes of efficiency.

You can request to have your profile taken down and email removed from email lists at any time by emailing the Coordinator.

You have the right to be informed of how we collect and use your information, the right to access this information, to rectification, to erasure, to restrict processing, to information portability, to object to how we use your information, and rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. 

For further information on the use of your personal data, see