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Public Engagement

Public Engagement - Prizes - Awards - Small Grants

 Public Engagement - Awards to do activities

Funder Grant Name Funding & Duration Application Period

Awards of up to £5,000 for organising any education, outreach or public engagement work that promotes the art and science of microbiology are available to Full, Full Concessionary and Postgraduate Student Members.


Microbiology Society Education and Outreach Grants

Grants of up to  £1,000 are available to support relevant science teaching or promotion initiatives, or to support developments likely to lead to an improvement in the teaching of any aspect of microbiology. May be used for the purchase of consumable materials, but not capital equipment. May also be used to provide payment to a student providing short-term assistance in the development of the activity .

1 April and 1 October annually

Society for Applied Microbiology Public Engagement Grant

The award is up to £3,000. Must promote the science of microbiology, open to members and non-members. No deadline but events must start at least six weeks after the application submission.

Year Round

University of Cambridge Public Engagement Starter Fund

For University of Cambridge researchers to apply for small grants to undertake innovative public engagement with research activities. £500-£1,500. 


Royal Academy of Engineering Ingenious Public Engagement Award

Funding: Between £3000 and £30,000.  Costs can include salary and consultancy costs for the project delivery team, public engagement activity costs, materials, travel, participating engineers’ expenses and subsistence. Salary costs for academics will only be paid if a full-time salary is not already in place. However, Ingenious funding can be used to cover the costs of staff needed to replace those who are taking part in project activities.



 Public Engagement - Awards For Completed Projects

Funder Grant Name Funding & Duration Application Period
University of Cambridge University of Cambridge Vice Chancellor's Awards for Impact

 To recognise and reward those whose research has led to excellent impact beyond academia. £1,000 awarded to the best impact in each School. The overall best impact award, selected by an external judge, will be given to the best of these School winners and the prize for this award will be an additional £1,000.


University of Cambridge University of Cambridge Vice Chancellor's Awards: Public Engagement with Research Do you dedicate your time and expertise to public engagement with research here at the University of Cambridge? Have you undertaken an innovative project, brought research to a new audience, worked creatively or collaboratively to raise the profile or impact of research? £1000 prize.  Annual
Microbiology Society Microbiology Outreach Prize

An award for an outstanding outreach initiative. Nominations of individuals or teams delivering the outreach initiative are invited and will be reviewed, alongside nominations for Prize Lectures. The team or individual responsible for the winning initiative will receive £500 and will be invited to deliver a talk or demonstration of their activities at the Annual Society Showcase