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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge
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Jemima Swain

What I do:

I am a first-year PhD rotation student in the Cambridge Biosciences BBSRC DTP programme. My current rotation project is with the Welch Lab, Department of Biochemistry, where I am investigating transcriptional regulation of biofilm-associated proteins in the opportunist pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa.



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Dr Camilla Godlee

What I do:

My research combines my expertise in cellular membrane dynamics and host:pathogen interactions. I study how bacterial pathogens interact with and manipulate eukaryotic membranes to enable their own growth and pathogenicity.

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Dr Gorjan Stojanovski

What I do:

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in synthetic biology and microfluidics at the Department of Biochemistry. I have extensive research experience in the areas of computational biology, molecular biology, microbiology, biocatalysis and organic chemical synthesis.

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Gordon Sivarajan

What I do:

I am a Biochemistry Part III student. For my research project I study the biofilm proteome and secretory systems in Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Research Interests:

Pseudomonas aeruginosa biology. The application of single chain variable fragment antibodies in microbiology. Rickettsiales biology.

Key Projects:

2022-23: Developing single chain antibodies to Rickettsiales bacteria for use as research tools. Collaboration between the Salje group and the Jackson group.

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Dr Meng Wang

What I do:

I am working on the fatty acid metabolism in P. aeruginosa to learn the impact of fatty acid metabolism on virulence.

Research Interests:

Metabolism, structural biology, protein engineering, human pathogens, drugs and antibody.

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Dr Jeanne Salje

What I do:

  • In my research group, we study the host-pathogen cell biology of obligate intracellular bacteria, focussing on organisms within the order Rickettsiales.
  • My lab has been partly based at Mahidol University/MORU in Thailand since 2013

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Greicy Kelly Bonifacio Pereira

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Dr Prasanthi Medarametla

What do I do?

I study the structural biology of enzymes involved in bacterial virulence of Pseudomonas spp.

Research Interests:

  • Protein Crystallography

  • Computational drug design

  • Inhibitor design for bacterial enzymes

Key Projects:

  • Identification of LsrK kinase Inhibitors to target quorum sensing (University of Eastern Finland, 2020)

Read more at: Pok-Man Ho

Pok-Man Ho

What do I do?

I catalogue ecological relationships and potential spatial separations between cystic fibrosis airway microbiome species from a hybrid method of statistics, mathematical modelling and time-series data of clinical and laboratory samples.