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My research aims to develop and validate mass spectrometry methodology for pathogen identification to provide accurate and timely identification of pathogens from unprocessed clinical samples. Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry (REIMS) analysis of raw biological samples containing bacterial cells produces complex spectra featuring bacterial metabolites and inflammatory markers. REIMS was shown to be able to detect and discriminate between different species of bacteria within the complex background of clinical samples.
We will use a REIMS-based dedicated sampling device for the ionization of bacterial metabolites and inflammatory markers directly from clinical samples in order to develop a system focusing on an endemic disease caused by several different bacterial pathogens. Ultimately, we would like to perform a prospective longitudinal study on a population with endemic disease using regular sampling of individuals to investigate the potential for diagnosis of disease before clinical signs are evident and to correlate REIMS with other diagnostic information.

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Professor Zoltan Takats (Imperial)

Application of novel mass spectrometry methods for the rapid identification of bacteria and AMR directly from clinical samples
 Daniel   Buhl
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Antimicrobial resistance
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