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My research revolves around understanding of basic fundamental immunology in greater depth and using this knowledge in the application of improving patient health. I look after patients with primary immunodeficiency and have a particular interest in patients with defects in the PI3K delta pathway. Alongside the patienst, I also study mice with defects in this pathway and use them as a tool to understand basic immunopathology. My main research focus is on a defect leading to an activating mutation in PI3K delta (APDS). Both the patients and mice have an increased susceptibiity to infection with Streptococcus pneumoniae. This susceptibiity appears to be mediated by a novel population of regulatory B cells. My ongoing research is to understand what role these regulatory B cells play in infection in both APDS and other patient groups with susceptibility to infection with Streptococcus pneumoniae. I work closely with pharma and we are collaborating in finding further applications for PI3K delta inhibitors in these patient groups.

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I currently hold a Wellcome Trust career development fellowship. I have previously received funding from the Cambridge -Varisty alliance in collaboration with GSK.

Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Career Development Fellow, Department of Medicine
Honorary Consultant Immunologist
PI3K delta signalling in infection and immunity in humans and mouse models
Dr Anita   Chandra
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