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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

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Dr Jordan Skittrall

Dr Jordan Skittrall

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Mathematical analyses of viral genomic data to predict function and drug targets


Mason Medical Research Fellow

Mathematics and Molecular Virology

I am a clinical academic (practising as a specialty registrar in infectious diseases and medical microbiology) whose research interests lie at the interface between mathematics and molecular virology. I work to develop and apply novel signal processing algorithms to viral genetic data with a view to discovery of previously unrecognised regions of structural and/or functional importance in viruses. This allows us to understand better the life cycle and pathogenicity of these agents and so focus on how we can disrupt the life cycle and avoid, attenuate or cure disease. At present my focus is on flaviviruses (including, amongst others, dengue, Zika, yellow fever and tick-borne encephalitis viruses); I also have some ongoing work into HIV.



  • Genomics
  • HIV
  • Viral encephalitis
  • Flaviviruses
  • Emerging viral diseases
  • Dengue fever


  • Mathematical modelling
  • Computational modelling