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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge



2012-present Reader of Evolutionary Genetics

2009-2014 Royal Society University Research Fellowship, Department of Genetics.

2006-2008 Royal Society University Research Fellowship, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh

2003-2006 Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh


2000-2003 Emmanuel College Research Fellowship, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge


1997-1999 PhD, Department of Genetics, University of Cambridge


1993-1996 MA Zoology, University of Cambridge.





Our lab studies the evolution of hosts and parasites using insects as a model system. How do hosts evolve resistance to infectious disease? Which genes cause variation in susceptibility to infection and why is this variation maintained in populations?  How do natural selection and demographic processes shape immune systems and affect the genetic diversity of parasite populations? Our research is addressing these questions using the tools of population, quantitative and molecular genetics.


Details are given on our lab website.




Other publications: 


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The evolution and genetics of insects and their pathogens
Dr Francis  Jiggins

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