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Apicomplexan parasites cause diseases such as malaria and toxoplasmosis, and are superbly evolved to non-destructively invade their host cells where they proliferate. They have remodelled a common cytoskeletal platform shared with related phyla, dinoflagellates and ciliates, to achieve these fiendish tasks. We are deconstructing the apicomplexan cytoskeleton using the genetically tractable model system Toxoplasma gondii to better understand these disease processes.

The lab also has broad interests in character evolution throughout Apicomplexa and the related phyla, dinoflagellates and ciliates. We are interested in disentangling the adaptations made in response to parasitism versus those that occurred in free-living ancestors and may have promoted conversion to a parasitic lifestyle. 


Key publications: 

Gornik, S.G., Febrimarsa, Cassin, A., MacRae, J.I., Ramaprasad, A., Rchiad, Z., McConville, M.J., Bacic, A., McFadden, G.I., Pain, A. and Waller, R.F. (2015) Endosymbiosis undone by stepwise elimination of the plastid in a parasitic dinoflagellate. PNAS 112(18):5767-72

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Gould, S.B., Tham, W-H., Cowman, A.F., McFadden, G.I. and Waller, R.F. (2008)  Alveolins, a new family of cortical proteins that define the protist infrakingdom Alveolata. Mol. Biol. Evol. 25:1219-30

Other publications: 
Molecular Cell Biology and Evolution of Apicomplexan Parasites
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