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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

What I do:

I am a quantitative microbiologist who uses a systems approach to analyse the emergence and evolution of antibiotic resistance and applies synthetic biology approaches to engineer solutions to tackle those.


Research Interests:


  • Single-cell analysis of antibiotic persistence

  • Collective tolerance towards antibiotic resistance

  • Horizontal gene transfer

  • Evolution of antibiotic resistance

  • Engineering and analysing therapeutic bacteriophages

  • Engineering antibiotic production in bacteria

  • Engineering diagnostic and therapeutic probiotics


Key Projects, Countries, and Partners:

  • Wang lab, UW Madison, USA: analysis of antibiotic persistence

  • Friedman lab, Hebrew University, Israel: population heterogeneity of antibiotic production

  • Human Technopole, Italy - Evolution of genetically engineered organisms

Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering

Contact Details

Not available for consultancy