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An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

What I do

I have expertise in human viruses, antibody and stem cell-related biomedical research, ranging from cellular molecular biology, to pharmacology and new drug reseach. I did my PhD 2008-2011 at the Virology Division, Department of Pathology, Cambridge, and won MRC Career Development Fellowship 2011-2014 to work at LMB, where my fellowship ended during my maternity leave and led me to a long term career break. In September 2023, I was awarded with the Royal Society sponsored Daphne Jackson Fellowship to make my research career return. I'm working on the molecular mechanisms of diseases caused by viral infections during pregnancy, at PDN, Cambridge.

Research Interests:

Cellular and molecular virology, anti-viral pharmacology, antibody, stem cell and iPSCs, cancer, embryogenesis and development, congenital diseases and therapeutics.

Past projects at MRC LMB:

  • 1) Antibody labelling for targeted cell killing as a potential advance for current chemotherapies.

  • 2) Anti-viral effect of VCP inhibitors during HSV replication [Patent: VCP INHIBITOR FOR USE IN THE PREVENTION OF VIRUS INFECTION].

  • 3) The application of antibodies targeting cellular proteins (e.g. tau aggregation) for proteasome degradation via TRIM21, to develop new therapeutics for protein aggregation diseases (e.g. Alzheimer's) [I proposed this project while wet work was done by other colleagues members].

Royal Society sponsored Daphne Jackson Fellow, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, Cambridge
Not available for consultancy