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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Studying at Cambridge


Infectious Diseases Research at Cambridge

Interdisciplinary Research Crossing Schools and Departments

Combining scientific excellence with practical application across disciplines and geographic boundaries globally, Cambridge Infectious Diseases Interdisciplinary Research Centre seeks to benefit society by creating world-leading infectious diseases knowledge that fast-tracks progress towards healthy lives for all.

We share knowledge across our virtual network and transfer it to industry and society through publication, teaching, collaboration, public and policy engagement, and industry translation. By integrating disciplines, we can address major challenges and develop complete solutions, serving as an international hub for infectious diseases research excellence.

Overarching research programme include: understanding disease transmission dynamics using epidemiology, mathematical modelling, and genomic sequencing; pathogen behaviour and evolution, pathogen tracking and intelligent global surveillance; intervention strategies including behavioural, drug discovery, immunology and vaccine interventions;  development of flexible diagnostic testing platforms;  food-borne and zoonotic disease emergence, transmission and control, encapsulating  OneHealth,  Global Food Security, antimicrobial resistance, use and stewardship in the agri-environment/food chain.

Our work encompasses five fundamental research themes:

Pathogen Biology and Evolution 

  • Virology, Bacteriology, Neglected Parasitic Diseases 

 Host-Interactions and Immunity

  • Host-Pathogen interactions- infection - immune response 

Disease Dynamics

  • Epidemiology and mathematical modelling of animal and plant diseases

Drugs and Vaccines

  • Drug discovery and vaccine research, development and distribution 

Enabling Technology 

  • Innovation to improve diagnostics and drive cutting edge research

Research Horizons

Projects, People and Research Groups

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