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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge
Professor Stephen  Bentley
Wellcome Sanger Institute
Genomics of bacterial pathogenesis with a particular focus on pneumonia and meningitis
Dr Stephen  Kevin Dolan
Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biochemistry
Dr Brian  Ferguson
Innate recognition of viruses and vaccine development
Professor Ian  Goodfellow
Department of Pathology
Virus-host interactions, with particular emphasis on noroviruses.
Dr Andrew James Grant
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Host-pathogen interactions and the molecular basis of virulence.
Dr Freya  Jephcott
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Research Fellow (JRF)
Outbreak surveillance and response systems, particularly those in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Dr  Robert   Kingsley
Elucidation of host-Pathogen interactions of enteric bacteria using a genomic and phylogenomic approach.
 Stephanie Wai-U Lo
Professor Elizabeth  Murchison
Professor of comparative oncology and genetics
Dr  Anna Victoria Protasio
Research Fellow in Animal Parasitology at Christ’s College, University of Cambridge.
Research Group Leader in Computational Biology at the Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge.
Professor  Julian   Rayner
Cambridge Institute of Medical Research (CIMR)/Department of Medicine
High throughput approaches to understand the biology of malaria parasites and prioritise new drug and vaccine targets
 Tomas Kappes   Reveco
Bacteriophages host range engineering for biotechnological applications
 Gabriel   Rinaldi
Development of functional genomic approaches for the blood flukes schistosomes, and the study of helminth-associated neoplasms
Dr Henrik  Salje
Department of Genetics
Applied public health research, especially with regards to the spread of infectious pathogens, and sitting at the interface of mathematical modelling, genetics, population biology, big data, public health and field-based epidemiology.
Dr.  Manjinder  Sandhu
Population based, public health and genetic epidemiology studies of chronic infectious and non-infectious diseases.
Dr Sebastian   Schornack
Gatsby Research Group Leader
We study plant processes underlying the accommodation of beneficial and pathogenic microbes.
Dr Rachel  Sippy
Research Associate
The study of the long-term evolution of dengue virus and the drivers of dengue transmission processes.
 Andrea   Strakova
PhD student leading the canine transmissible venereal tumour (CTVT) project