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Dr. Alex Borodavka

Dr. Alex Borodavka

Department of Biochemistry, Henry Dale Fellow

Interested in the molecular principles of multi-segmented genome packaging and RNA-controlled self-assembly in viruses.

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

My long-term goal is to uncover the assembly and replication mechanisms of multi-segmented RNA viruses, including rotaviruses, with sufficient detail to identify novel anti-viral targets and improve existing vaccines.

To achieve this, I use a spectrum of techniques, ranging from single-molecule fluorescence, super-resolution imaging to high-throughput RNA structure probing tools. We use single-molecule assays for investigating inter-segment RNA-RNA interactions in rotaviruses and identifying the key RNA-binding proteins mediating these interactions. Our recent discoveries have raised a number of new questions about the mechanisms of multi-segmented virus genome assembly, which I will be pursuing as a new Research Fellow in Cambridge.

Key projects, countries, and partners:

Germany, Munich: LMU (Don Lamb) and MPI (Ralf Jungmann)
USA, Chapel Hill, UNC (Alain Laederach)
USA, Wake Forest University (Sarah McDonald)
Italy, Trieste, ICGEB (Oscar Burrone)


  • Virion assembly
  • Immune Evasion
  • Molecular Biology
  • Host-Pathogen Interaction
  • Virology
  • Single-molecule fluorescence
  • Biophysics
  • Gene Regulation
  • Gene Expression
  • Genome Packaging


  • Rotavirus
  • RNA virus