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Host - Pathogen Interactions and vaccines

Professor Gordon Dougan focuses on the genetic analysis of host/pathogen interactions during infection. He has worked extensively in both academia and industry, making important contributions in the field of vaccinology, working to improve vaccine delivery to poorly resourced regions. His group exploit genomic approaches to study host-pathogen interactions and the analysis of microbial populations, and manages teams working on vaccines, humanised antibodies and scale-up systems.

Gordon has extensive teaching experience at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. He has served on several editorial boards and regularly reviews manuscripts for high-impact journals. He is a consultant for industry and has founded biotechnology companies, including the single-chain antibody company VHSquared.

Gordon is a Fellow of the Royal Society, the Biology Society, the Academy of Medical Sciences and is an EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) member. He established the Centre for Molecular Microbiology and Infection (including a raising funding for a building) at Imperial College London and was the Board of Management representative for Pathogen Research for ten years (2004-2014) at the Sanger Institute.



Key publications: 

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Department of Medicine
Vaccinology/pathogenic mechanisms, specialising on the immunology of mucosal vaccines and molecular basis of infection.
Professor Gordon   Dougan
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