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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

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Professor Andrew Lever

Professor Andrew Lever

Department of Medicine

Molecular and structural biology of how RNA viruses package their genetic material and how they select their own RNA from the cell so specifically.


Group Leader

RNA Viruses (AIDS) 

We study two major groups of viruses ; lentiviruses (retroviruses) and rotaviruses. The lentiviruses include HIV-1, HIV-2 and FIV. In all of these viruses we are interested in virus assembly, how the virus captures its RNA genome within the cell and how it uses cellular machinery to do this. The work involves structural biology, confocal microscopy and FRET as well as molecular biological techniques. We collaborate with structural biologists in Cambridge and Oxford. We also use our understanding of lentiviral RNA packaging to generate gene vectors for gene transfer and gene therapy purposes.

Departments and Institutes



  • AIDS

Key Publications

Anderson EC, Lever AML (2006), HIV-1 Gag polyprotein modulates its own translation, Journal of Virology 80: 10478–10486

Poole E, Strappe P, Mok H-P, Hicks R, Lever AML, (2005), HIV-1 Gag-RNA interaction occurs at a perinuclear/centrosomal site; analysis by confocal microscopy and FRET, Traffic 6: 741–55

Lever AML (2007), “HIV-1 RNA Packaging”, Advances in Pharmacology, 55:1–32