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The Professor of Architecture

Architectural design of public buildings

Short’s research group investigates and develops passive and hybrid resilient, low-energy design strategies for new-build and perhaps more importantly for interventions in non-domestic buildings in different climates, projecting their future performance against current climate change predictions. More recently the work has concentrated on hospital buildings, the group has assessed the resilience of the entire NHS Estate, its adaptation potential and the likely cost, reported to Ministers.


Key publications: 

 C. Alan Short, Catherine J. Noakes, Carl A. Gilkeson (2014): Functional recovery of a resilient hospital type, Building Research & Information, DOI: 10.1080/09613218.2014.926605

- R. Giridharana, K.J. Lomas, C.A. Short, A.J. Fair (2013) Performance of hospital spaces in summer: A case study of a ‘Nucleus’-type hospital in the UK Midlands, Energy and Buildings 66 (2013) 315–328

- C.Alan Short, YAO Runming, LUO Guozhi, Li Baizhan (2013) ‘Hybrid Environmental Design as an Alternative to Full Air-Conditioning in the Continental Climate:A Case Study in Beijing’, Ecocity & Green Building, Beijing

Department of Architecture
Focus on ventilation in building design, including hospitals and surgical theatres.
Professor Alan  Short

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