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Professor Walderez Dutra

Professor Walderez Dutra

Immunoregulatory networks in human parasitic diseases as a tool for understanding pathology and protection.

Departments and Institutes


Research Interests

Over the past fifteen years, my laboratory has been studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the differential clinical evolution of human diseases, focusing on Chagas disease and leishmaniasis, two tropical parasitic diseases caused by intracellular protozoans (T. cruzi and Leishmania, respectively). We evaluate the host-pathogen interactions and disease outcome through the study of host genetic factors, cellular effector and regulatory functions, and pathogen factors in groups of individuals with well-defined clinical forms of these diseases. Our studies aim to understand the mechanisms of establishment of protective versus pathogenic immune responses in human disease, with the goal of finding new prophylactics, therapeutic strategies and biomarkers of disease progression or susceptibility. We also hope to use the study of such mechanisms in parasitic diseases as models to understand the pathology associated with other human diseases of inflammatory nature.

Active Research

FAPEMIG - Brazilian State Funding Agency
Nucleus of Excellence in Research in Chagas disease (PI)

CNPq - Brazilian Funding agency
Brazil North-to-south: genetic susceptibility to developing Chagas disease cardiomyopathy (PI)

Newton Funding, MRC and FAPEMIG - Brazilian State Funding Agency
Walderez Dutra – Collaborator (PI: Jennefer Blackwell and Kenneth Gollob)
“Discovering genes and functional pathways associated with American cutaneous leishmaniasis (ACL) caused by Leishmania brasiliensis”

National Institute for Science and Technology in Tropical Diseases (INCT-DT), CNPq - Brazilian Federal Gov. Funding agency
Edgar Carvalho (PI) ; Walderez Dutra (collaborator)
New therapies, diagnostics and vaccines for tropical diseases.


  • Brazil
  • Immunology
  • Diagnostics
  • Africa
  • Pathogenesis
  • Inflammation
  • neglected tropical diseases
  • Immunopathogenesis
  • Drug Discovery


  • Leishmania
  • Trypanosoma cruzi
  • Chagas Disease