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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

Studying at Cambridge


Veterinary Science

Title Tags Classifications Departments
Person Daniel Buhl Immunology, Dairy cows, Veterinary Science, Infection, Mass Spectrometry, AMR Graduate Students Veterinary Medicine
Person packed font file Dr Astrid Gall Genomics, Evolution, Influenza, Genetics, Molecular Biology, HIV, Virology, Veterinary Science, Pathogen evolution, Lentivirus, Infection, RNA Virus, Virulence,...
Person packed font file Professor Jonathan Luke Heeney AIDS, Evolution, HIV, Veterinary Science Principal Investigators Veterinary Medicine, WHO Collaborating Centre for Modelling, Control and Evolution of Emerging Infectious Disease
Person packed font file Professor Mark A Holmes, MA, VetMB, PhD, FRCVS Genomics, Dairy cows, MRSA, Molecular epidemiology, Veterinary Science Principal Investigators Consortium Members and Partners, Veterinary Medicine
Specialty Information content_reference Bacteriology, Veterinary Science, Public Health Other members Veterinary Medicine
Person packed font file Dr Gianni Lo Iacono Evolution, Ecology, Mathematical modelling, Veterinary Science, Simulation, Dynamics Veterinary Medicine
Person object code Valentina Ndolo Mathematical modelling, Veterinary Science, Computational modelling, Epidemiology, Anthrax Graduate Students Veterinary Medicine
Person packed font file Dr Laurence S. Tiley Veterinary Science, Genome packaging, Virology Principal Investigators Veterinary Medicine
Person RealText document Katriina Willgert Influenza, Mathematical modelling, Rabies, Epidemic Control, Public Health, neglected tropical diseases, Epidemiology, Tuberculosis, Veterinary Science Graduate Students Veterinary Medicine
Person packed font file Professor James Wood Rabies, Veterinary Science, Tuberculosis, Virology, Persistence Co-Chairs, Operations Group, Steering Committee, Principal Investigators, Postdoctoral Researchers , Graduate Students, Associated Professionals Veterinary Medicine