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Cambridge Infectious Diseases

An Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Cambridge

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Person Objective-C source code Dorien Braam Host-pathogen interactions, Zoonoses, Public Health, neglected tropical diseases Veterinary Medicine Graduate Students
Person Matthew Corney Drug Discovery Chemistry Graduate Students
Person text/x-nemerle Yue Yuan On Bacteriology, Infection, Gene regulation Biochemistry Graduate Students
Person Maria Tang Influenza, Mathematical modelling, Epidemic Control, Public Health, Infection, Epidemiology, Computational modelling, Dynamics Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Graduate Students
Person Emacs Lisp source code Shabih Shakeel Virion Assembly, Molecular Biology, Viral encephalitis, Virology, Foot and mouth disease, Structural Biology, RNA Virus, Emerging viral diseases, X-Ray Crystall... MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Postdoctoral Researchers
Person Samuel Forster Genomics, Ecology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiota, Pathogen evolution, NF-kB, Innate Immunity, Pathogenesis, Inflammation, Metagenomics, Bioinformatics... Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Postdoctoral Researchers
Person audio/x-realaudio Dr Anita Chandra Immunology Medicine
Person object code Dr Delphine Cuchet- Lourenco Host-pathogen interactions, Tuberculosis Medicine Postdoctoral Researchers
Person Professor Julian Rayner Genomics, Genetics, Malaria, Vaccine Development, Pathogenesis, Parasitology, Drug Discovery, Host-pathogen interactions Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, Medicine Principal Investigators
Person Dr Hilary Browne Bacteriology, Microbiome Wellcome Sanger Institute Principal Investigators
Specialty Information content_reference Genomics, Mathematical modelling, MRSA, Translational Microbiology, Infection, Epidemiology, Computational modelling, Bacteriology, Disease vectors Medicine, Translational Microbiology Partners Graduate Students
Person AR archive Panayiota Katsamba Countries- Europe, Macrophage Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics Graduate Students
Person Sophia Girgis MRSA, Molecular Biology, Molecular epidemiology, Public Health, Infection, Sequencing, Bacteriology, AMR Medicine Associated Professionals
Person Felix Randow Shigella, Immunology, Signal Transduction, Molecular Biology, NF-kB, Innate Immunity, Receptors, Inflammation, Listeriosis, Genetics, Host-pathogen interactions... MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology Principal Investigators
Person packed font file Dr Sebastian Schornack Genomics, Evolution, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Pathogen evolution, Innate Immunity, Phytophthora, Pathogenesis, Oomycetes, Bioinformatics, Plant Pathogens, H... Sainsbury Laboratory (University of Cambridge) Principal Investigators
Specialty Information content_reference Host-pathogen interactions, Gene expression, Parasitology, Malaria Pathology Principal Investigators
Person application/x-internet-signup David Huggins Drug Discovery Physics Principal Investigators
Specialty Information content_reference Vaccine Development, Drug Discovery Physics Principal Investigators
Person text/x-nemerle Dr Crina Samarghitean Rare Diseases, Genomics, Genetics, Public Health, Digital Health, Countries- Europe, Bioinformatics Principal Investigators
New model could help improve prediction of outbreaks of Ebola and Lassa fever Epidemic Control, Ebola, Zoonoses

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